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Customer Input about Eagle Air Inc. Heating & Cooling

By eagleairhe44503754, Apr 18 2015 05:47PM

Hilary S. Naperville, IL “Eagle Airs response time was amazing. We have never had that experience, we have waited days for service and weeks before from start to finish for some repairs Eagle Air went above and beyond the call of duty; simply meaning that they did not only fix the broken parts, but checked the entire system; apparently our last repair person was not as thorough as Eagle Air. Again, going above and beyond the call of duty (it was extremely cold, negative 20 to 30 degrees), Eagle Air made special accommodations that worked with my schedule. I enjoyed working with them and would be honored to do so again in the future.”

Feb 22 2016 08:15AM by Shari

You fon't own EagleAirInc - we do. Whatms your deal? Tony...?!

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